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Things to do in Malaga

7 Top Attractions of Malaga
Never heard of Malaga? How about Picasso? This Spanish Mediterranean coastal city is the painter’s birthplace. Malaga’s major claim to fame is only an introduction to everything this city has to offer. Travelers don’t want to miss out on anything here, from the winding cobblestone streets to the thoroughly modern nightlife. Things to do in Spain - OpenTravel.com

  1. Castilo de Gibralfaro
Although much of the interior is in ruins, this Moorish relic is a definite draw. Visitors may walk the walls that surround the castle. Since this great edifice sits high atop a hill overlooking the city, the views are unparalleled.

  1. Cathedral
The main cathedral of Malaga was built on the site of a mosque, like many of Spain’s religious buildings. The cathedral was under construction from the 16th to the 18th century, and the styles reflect changing times. Architectural characteristics include Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. Despite these centuries of building, only one tower was finished, giving the cathedral the epithet La Manquita (One-Armed).

  1. Casa Natal de Picasso
The house where Picasso was born is now a museum. Some of the items seen here include the artist’s personal possessions, and the house is also a center of research and art exhibits.

  1. Alcazaba
This is a Muslim palace, still in good repair, and dating from the 11th century. The Islamic governors of Malaga lived here. The terraces give successively grander views, while the water gardens and shady walks allow visitors a glimpse into the indulgent tastes of the city rulers.

  1. Baños Árabes
Tourists may relax here after long days of sightseeing. This Arab bathhouse is still a place for spa goers to enjoy the steam rooms. Other spa amenities are available with a reservation.

  1. Jardín Botánico La Concepción
These beautiful gardens contain many soothing water features, including lakes, streams, and waterfalls. The many tropical plants, including tall trees, are a delight.

  1. Mercado Atarazanas
This busy market is a gastronomic pleasure. Foods galore are here for the foodies’ choosing, including Spain’s signature hams.

There is no shortage of the pleasures of Spain in Malaga. This is a port city that contains the enticements of shore, civilization, history, nightlife, and culinary treasures.

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